Duplicate cleansing and prevention

Accurately identify duplicate records, clean them up and avoid them in the future.

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Duplicate cleansing and prevention

Big data: challenges

for your data quality

For companies with large and constantly growing data volumes, duplicated data sets leave a very bitter taste. Because: clean data is the key to successful digitization. Without a clean database, processes cannot run efficiently and automatically.

The most frequent

effects of multiple entries


Duplicate customer correspondence in marketing campaigns leads to customer dissatisfaction.


Ambiguities about your company contacts and incorrect analyses.


Miscalculations and additional costs due to incorrect inventories.


Departments, such as CRM, purchasing or online marketing, work inefficiently due to duplicates.


Incorrect and faulty deliveries of goods or interrupted supply chains occur.

Correct? Complete? Redundancy-free?

We show you how well your data is positioned in the various indicators of data quality.

The fast way to a clean database

icon, duplicates camouflage

Comprehensive synchronization

of master data

In contrast to conventional solutions, matchmaker does not require any data restrictions by keys or rules to work at high performance. This is the only way to view the entire database. The result: no important comparisons are missing.

Safely clean up duplicate records

Every data entry is found in real-time and it's controlled according to relevance and customer requirements. You have the choice of how the data is merged.

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icon, duplicate prevention

Automatically keep the database clean

Errors will continue to happen. Preventively keep your database clean with automatic matching and a warning when creating a new recode. Only clean data is good data.

Duplicate prevention with matchmaker accelerates your workflow


Secure 360°
view of customers


Clean and quickly available data


decision making


Efficiency in handling
master data

Further data processes

that matchmaker optimizes for you


Address check and address validation

Only up-to-date contact data is valuable data. Protect your sales potential! Automated verification and validation processes secure contact opportunities and pave the way to strong customer loyalty.

Inputmanagement, Heroshot with BG

Intelligent acceleration of input management

Identify who you are dealing with and what reference data are available while digitizing a document. Speed up from zero to one hundred in milliseconds.


Strong compliance and prudent risk management

Stay on the safe side and protect yourself against fraud, illegal transactions, and money laundering. With intelligent data matching by exorbyte, you can identify risky business relationships at an early stage.


Efficient lead acquisition with external data

If you are looking for new customer potential in external data, matchmaker not only brings light into the darkness, but also saves cash. This way, you get fresh data in no time at all.

Pro Arbeit, Projektbild

The basis for the decision on the granting of state benefits

To ensure the responsible allocation of state aid, the municipal job center in the Offenbach district created a clean database and optimal access to benefit recipients.

We advise you individually.

Speak to our solution experts about your processes. We will show you how to clean up your data and keep it clean preventively in the future.


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