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Finding identical people: the error-tolerant similarity search

Duplicate detection, address correction and 360° person search for the municipal job center and the district of Offenbach

Initial situation

Different IT systems within the various legal entities of the District of Offenbach make it difficult to process the cases of immigrant persons. Due to different spellings in the various systems, persons are difficult to identify. Duplicates of persons and address discrepancies reduce the data quality within the data processing system used (comp.ASS). Already in the proof of concept, exorbyte realized solutions for these challenges, which are now being implemented.

Operate with the right data. With confidence.

For a reliable and fast finding of data records for a person within one or more data sources of the district of Offenbach, master data is made usable for the similarity search via the exorbyte technology. At the same time, this is intended to improve data quality – especially with regard to duplicates and addresses – within the core application comp.ASS for the area of Germany’s Social Security Code (SGB II).

Detect identities across systems

To obtain a comprehensive view of the relevant information during case processing, identities must be recognized across systems - especially in the case of different spellings of person master data - and data availability must be ensured for all business processes. For this purpose, users have access to the central information platform (ZIP) of Pro Arbeit as well as other data sources.

The exorbyte technology platform matchmaker indexes all matching-relevant master data for ZIP and ensures error-tolerant use in the business processes – regardless of format, data quality or transliteration.

In the future, employees shall have access to a cross-system search function for manual searches in the various data sources of the district, which processes unstructured queries and displays potential hits according to defined criteria.

Continuous improvement of data quality

For duplicate cleansing, duplicate clusters are created with matchmaker, both within and across sources. This enables employees to quickly and easily clean up identified duplicates in the data-carrying systems. In order to achieve consistent data sets, addresses stored in the system are to be automatically matched against valid street data and corrected on a regular basis.

„The team from exorbyte showed us in a very short time how our heterogeneous and distributed customer data can be used in business processes and how case processing can be qualitatively accelerated. We are convinced that with exorbyte we have a strong partner at our side to process the concerns of our citizens reliably and quickly.“

// Boris Alexander Berner, Pro Arbeit – District of Offenbach – (AöR)

Since January 1, 2005, Pro Arbeit – District of Offenbach - (AöR) has been responsible as a municipal job center for basic benefits for job seekers in the area of Social Security Code II (SGB II) for the Offenbach district. The main tasks are to grant benefits to secure the livelihood of the beneficiaries in need and to accompany their integration into the labor market so that they can permanently cover their living expenses from their own resources.

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