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Info sheet

Working better with data

Straight to the point: What is matchmaker? What can matchmaker do? For which tasks is matchmaker made? What are the advantages of using matchmaker.


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Solution Paper

Using data efficiently

The solution paper explains the broad spectrum of the use of matchmaker technology. The use cases presented relate to specific industries as well as general data processes that are established across industries. In each case, the capabilities of matchmaker that are critical to success are mentioned. The strategy paper for enterprise-wide optimization of data performance.




How the entire business performance benefits

As a cross-sectional technology, matchmaker not only affects the individual data process but also other subsequent processes. The paper provides insight into company-wide effects of fast data availability and sustainable data quality – grouped into 2 areas: more success and less risk.


Processing input automatically

How exorbyte technology supports inbox automation is explained in 2-minutes. Learn about the hurdles of modern communication and how Nora now master the flood of data with confidence (video in German language).

Supporting customer service excellence

The video shows how exorbyte's matching solutions relieve the workload of employees in the customer service department of insurance companies. Account manager Michael reflects his daily routine befor and after working with matchmaker.

Experience the matchmaker performance live.

Networking data with matchmaker


matchmaker ecosystem

The chart visualizes the engine's connections to the internal and external data world – the ecosystem that makes master data available and directly usable across the enterprise.


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5 data hurdles matchmaker breaks down for you

At these data hurdles, you lose valuable time and nerves. The overview briefly explains how exorbyte overcomes 5 data hurdles with just one engine and gets your processes moving.



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