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High performance in handling data

Allianz AG, Projektbild

Identity resolution in the Allianz AG inbox

Allianz receives more than 30 million documents by mail every year. With matchmaker as the central search technology, the insurance company speeds up the process from inbox mail to processing.

BAMF Projektbild mit Logo

Error-tolerant similarity search at the Federal Ministry for Migration and Refugees

matchmaker opens the potential for more security and reliability for BAMF’s case decisions. This project was in line with the federal offices of quality offensive.

Informations Technik Zentrum Bund, Projektbild

Error-tolerant data search in tax offices

More than 5,000 German tax offices use matchmaker to search for tax identification numbers in the central database of the ITZBund. The error-tolerant search supports fast processing.

Abrechnungszentrum Emmendingen mit Logo und Hintergrund

Check and assign settlements

matchmaker accelerates the automated billing process for over 150 health insurance companies through the billing service Abrechnungszentrum Emmendingen. matchmaker reliably answers millions of queries regarding member data at best time.

Vodafone, Projektbild

Vodafone Web Search & Knowledge Management

Users of the Vodafone website get an overview of the offer, FAQs, and help topics with the full-text search of exorbyte. Vodafone service agents benefit from the fast search engine on the intranet "AskVodafone".

bedirect Logo mit Hintergrund

Benchmark for company data: B2B reference database

For beDirect, data quality is a top priority: The address specialist continuously matches millions of data using exorbyte technology. The reference database guarantees valid B2B data, including history.

Zooplus Logo mit Hintergrund

The best store search for a beastly good online store

zooplus manages millions of search queries in over 30 online stores with matchmaker – that means: in over 30 languages. With the smart search, shoppers find what they are looking for super fast, and zooplus increases the conversion rate.

HRS Logo mit Hintergrund.jpg

Find hotels worldwide: HRS makes it easy

HRS counts on fast and easy online hotel booking. That's why the popular hotel portal relies on exorbyte's intelligent search function. Fun travelers and business travelers can find their accommodation quickly and easily in over 30 languages.

Congstar, Projektbild

Automation starts with data matching

Congstar, a subsidiary and second brand of Telekom Deutschland, uses matchmaker's fast data matching to process online orders. Matching against internal and external data supports the automated follow-up processes.

Statistische Erhebungen digital verarbeiten, Projektbild

Digital processing of statistical surveys

For the analysis of the Irish census survey, we optimized data capture via OCR and established a free-text search in the digital data in real-time. A big project of smart technologies: scanning, capturing, matching.

Pro Arbeit, Projektbild

The basis for the decision on the granting of state benefits

To ensure the responsible allocation of state aid, the municipal job center in the Offenbach district created a clean database and optimal access to benefit recipients.

Baur Logo mit Hintergrund

Shopping faster makes you happy

Quickly check out to see if they have the Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox sneakers. Thanks to the smart search function, this is super easy. Chuck & Zack – matchmaker finds what you're looking for. A Quick search for quick conversion.

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