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Our High Performance Matching Engine is used in particular for complex search and matching applications in large-scale systems. Our partners and customers consider the high performance, scalability, as well as integration and adaptability, compared to the market as indispensable for their smooth data flow. They provide the know-how about a specific business process, we provide the adapted system solution for optimal process performance.

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Partner-Logo-Accenture-(250 × 100 px).png

Accenture is one of the world's largest business and strategy consulting service providers, offering a wide range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.
Projekt-Logo-beDirect-(250 × 100 px).png

beDirect is the leading provider of B2B address management and data quality services in Germany. The services include a reference database with over 18 million B2B addresses, automated registration of new customers and integration solutions, for example for Salesforce CRM and an online address store.
Projekt-Logo-CACI-(250 × 100 px).png

CACI provides marketing solutions and information systems for a wide range of industries in the private and public sectors.
Partner-Logo-DTI-(250 × 100 px).png

For more than 25 years, the DTI Group has been the contact for everything to do with digital transformation. DTI provides customers with tools so that companies can work efficiently and automatically and get the most out of their data.
Partner-Logo-Electric-Paper-(250 × 100 px).png

With "People, Paper & Process", Electric Paper information systems ensure efficient collaboration across departmental and organizational boundaries, overcoming media discontinuities, reducing paper overload and ensuring a clean flow of data.
Partner-Logo-IBM-(250 × 100 px).png

In Germany, IBM is organized according to four core competencies: Consulting and Sales, Research and Development, IT Services and Management and Consulting.
Partner-Logo-ibml-(250 × 100 px).png

ibml (Imaging Business Machines, L.L.C.) is a privately held information capture company headquartered in Irondale, Alabama, USA. Combining hardware and software products and SaaS solutions, ibml products provide end-to-end scanning and document capture.
Partner-Logo-inovoo-(250 × 100 px).png

inovoo GmbH is an innovative software provider of powerful, modular enterprise information management solutions in the area of omni-channel communication. The focus is on the intelligent digitization and automation of business processes.
Partner-Logo-KNIME-(250 × 100 px).png

At the heart of KNIME is the Open Source Analytics Platform, a visual workbench that provides a wide range of state-of-the-art analytics tools and techniques – from the basics to advanced techniques.
Partner-Logo-KOFAX-(250 × 100 px).png

Kofax is a leading provider of Intelligent Automation software for digital workflow transformation. The intelligent solutions support companies in the digital transformation of information-intensive business processes.
Partner-Logo-levigo-(250 × 100 px).png

With the jadice software products, levigo solutions offers integration-friendly and flexible Java components for the ECM environment. Likewise, levigo solutions implements customer portals, inbox solutions, research clients and data migration processes with the jadice components.
Partner-Logo-mbm-(250 × 100 px).png

MB-Micromarketing is a young company with experienced specialists for the implementation of Big Data projects in geo-based target group marketing in the Michael Bauer group of companies.
Partner-Logo-recosys-(250 × 100 px).png

recosys Recognition Systems GmbH develops highly efficient recognition systems for document capture, logistics and industrial applications. A video OCR enables interactive mobile scanning applications where documents are recognized and interpreted in real time.

Network partners for a digital future

Bitkom Logo

Bitkom e.V., Germany's digital association, represents more than 2,000 member companies – including around 1,000 high-performing SMEs, over 500 innovative tech startups, half of the 30 DAX companies, and many other global players.

Cyberlago Logo

The digital experts from the Lake Constance region – innovative companies, start-ups, universities, and (public) institutions. Competencies in the areas of IT, digitization, and innovation.


GovTech wants to realize modern administration faster - together with the right specialists. The marketplace bundles tech innovations for the state and facilitates collaboration with startups and SMEs.


The German AI Association connects the most innovative AI and Deep Tech companies with the established economy and politics. It is the largest AI network in Germany, with more than 300 companies.

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The combination of expertise from different specialist areas enables the creation of new solution worlds. Together, we can respond much faster and more dynamically to new opportunities and challenges. Let's pool our resources and make data-driven processes even more efficient. Our partners know they can rely on our best-in-class solutions.

"As a team, we always refer to exorbyte doing exactly what we want it to. It's solid and reliable."

// Elizabeth Kelly, CACI Ltd.

exorbyte is the specialist for the efficient use of data. Together with technologies for digitizing and automating data-specific processes, we can fundamentally reengineer complex process chains: digitally, quickly, and securely. We focus on strong impact, trust, and reliability in every technology partnership. Do you have a customer project that could be significantly optimized through intelligent data matching? Your technology would generate interesting customer benefits with our software as an add-on? Feel free to contact us and let's drive data-based value creation together.

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